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Sofie Bauwens [creative director]


Expert in graphic marketing, publishing and promotions



As a child, Sofie Bauwens was fascinated by advertising. Quite naturally, this led her into marketing studies. She then shaped and sharpened her graphic skills at the renowned Higro company.


Her work at 3Suisses on developing the Unigro catalogue and creating many commercial actions broadened her expertise into the fields of promotions and direct marketing. Together with her colleague/copywriter Laurent Goethals, she shaped marketing actions for 6 years. This successful team is now continued at sbiro, where Sofie now leads the creative agency "sbiro studio".


Driven by her passion, Sofie Bauwens is also renowned as an independent graphic marketeer. Her assignments include Stad Gent, Umicore Olen, Het Zwin, Avaria and Q-rius.


Finally, Sofie works freelance for M-idea and 3Suisses Unigro. She creates the concept and graphic design of marketing actions, flyers, brochures, internet and e-mail campaigns.


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